Seal Foam

Vacu-Seal Select3

Vacu-Seal Select3™  Seal Foam 

Let's make you more profitable! As the original pioneers of quality heavy duty pipe vacuum lifting equipment in North America we have once again found a way to put more money in your pockets.

We have custom formulated 3 new seal foam materials to take on the toughest jobsite conditions that your operators, abrasive materials and mother nature can throw at you.

Our 3 newly formulated seal materials can be selected to best suite the wear characteristics of the material being handled as well as the weather conditions. These new high performance materials can withstand: Tough jobsite conditions. Tough wear characteristics. Tough temperature ranges.


Vacu-Seal Select3™

Choose a material that performs where you need it most. Contact your regional Lift Technologies sales representative for assistance.



Vacu-Seal Select3™ by Lift Technologies 


Pro-Seal ™

Vacu-Seal Select3™ by Lift Technologies



Vacu-Seal Select3™ by Lift Technologies

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