Lift Technologies main focus is on heavy duty vacuum lifting for pipeline, pipe transportation, and pipe manufacturing.

We manufacture and sell the safest, most dependable vacuum lifting equipment in the world. We are the original pioneers of heavy duty pipe vacuum lifting equipment in North America. We developed and engineered vacuum lifting to be what it is today. It was then and still is our passion.

Lift Technologies engineer and fabricator crafted the very first American made pipe vacuum lifter. They also created the safety measures that were necessary to make heavy duty pipe vacuum lifting an industry accepted lifting solution in the North American market. In fact these innovations set the bar in safety and created the industry standards that are used by ourselves and in nearly all of our competitors equipment still to this day. Today vacuum lifting is not only the fastest way to move pipe, it is the safest and most reliable way too.

Thanks to the help of the pipeline industries top operators and the industries most respected professionals who invested in David Black, the American inventor, innovator and entrepreneur who believed together they could build the safest, fastest and most reliable American made heavy duty vacuum lifting equipment in the world.

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