Lift Technologies Service Department

Your success is our goal. Our factory trained service technicians not only know and understand your Lift Technologies equipment and components, we have successfully installed and serviced hundreds of units on all brands of excavators, loaders, cranes, etc. Heavy equipment is our passion. We're good at it, and we are also not too proud to work alongside your company service technicians or OEM mechanics should you desire. We are as eager learn as we are to teach.

Scheduled Maintenance

While Lift Technologies vacuum lifting equipment is by far the most robust and heavy duty pipe vacuum lifter in the industry they do have delicate features that need proper care and attention.

When you finish your next lifting project schedule your equipment to stop by Lift Technologies on it's way home. Let's be certain that you are ready for the next call to go out. Be prepared to be successful.

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Field Services

Nobody knows your Lift Technologies Inc equipment and components better than our factory trained service experts.

Your Lift Tech trained technicians travel worldwide to when you are in need of help fast. We're there for all your service needs wherever and whenever you need us.

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Equipment Certifications

We recommend having a scheduled factory rebuild completed every 2 years. There is much more to this than fresh paint and new stickers. We  disassemble your machine completely. Inspect, repair or replace any necessary components and parts. X-ray and mag-particle test the major structural components of your equipment. Factory updates ensure your equipment is as good as new. A recertification document is provided for your records.

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